This wine label offends, and it should. What is being portrayed is a links of authentic punk mentality and the image of red wines being sent. We radically and deliberately left out any embellishment. Wine and punk have never have never fused, but that can absolutely change.

The label would obviously provoke opinions. It indicates a deflection of the widely accepted traditional understanding of wine labels; away from artificial kitsch and to an authentic, honest and simple message.

This wine label is unlike any other ordinary wine label. It clearly differentiates itself from the rest through its provocative message. Its wording and typography represent an authentic punk mentality that is very unconventional for ordinary wine labels. Most others seem to adhere to a kind of old-fashion visual pattern from which this design seeks to break out.

It’s no secret that the aim is to provoke and therefore also catch the consumers’ attention. However, most of it is a radical design that gets rid of any preconceptions that wine labels must follow a certain pattern. Unlike many other pretentious wine labels, this one is authentic with a simple message.